Adding a conservatory effectively brings your garden right inside your home, to enjoy all year round. Whatever the season, whatever the occasion, you can surround yourself with plants and warmth. You could even use your conservatory as a dining room. Virtually any design is possible, from the simplest sun lounge to period-style Victorian.


There are few things in the world that can enhance your home or your life like a beautiful Kingfisher conservatory. As elegant as they are engaging; as functional as they are alluring; these breathtaking buildings can add space, style and a genuine sense of luxury to any property or residence. Perfect for use as a swimming pool enclosure, a gazebo, a garden room or a summerhouse, their sheer versatility and light and airy nature makes them a room unlike any other in the house. And it’s for these reasons alone, that a conservatory is rapidly becoming one of the country’s most sought after home improvements - dreamed of and desired by homeowners right across the UK.  


To ensure you get the maximum possible use of your conservatory some temperature control measures may be necessary. We can fit underfloor heating for toasty toes on those grey winter days or antisun glass and roof vents to keep things cool on those long, balmy summer days. We can also fit activ 'self cleaning' glass which means you spend as much time as possible enjoying your conservatory and as little time as possible maintaining it.